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John Hayns

The MAGIC Formula

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Why John Hayns?

Speaker, Writer, Mentor

John helps professionals to get noticed.

Do any of these apply to you?

- Keen to develop?
- Manage a challenging team?
- Have a sense of humour?
- Interested in how people tick?
- Happy to self-evaluate?
- Want to make a change in the world?
- Imaginative?
- Hard-working?
- Positive?
- Like spending time outdoors?
- Love music?

If so then you and John would get on great and he would love to have a chat to see how his MAGIC formula could help you to:

- manage yourself
- manage your team
- speak in public

The MAGIC formula is:


John would love to talk to you to see if he could help you. Book in for a 20-minute complimentary discovery call here:

Read his blog at www.work-life-magic.com.



The MAGIC Formula

"Why can't they just...?"
"What are they doing when they say...?"

"Why are they so slow to cotton on?!"

"Why won't they just get on with each other?!"

Your team wastes your time when the don't perform. Learn the five MAGIC tricks to make them truly effective.

Lead fun, enjoyable team meetings.

Build trust and powerful loyalty from those around you.

Enable team members to work together dynamically.

Energise and excite your team.

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Audience Testimonials

What People Are Saying

"John's theatrical stage presence and humorous stories with a hint of magic is sure to keep your audiences entertained throughout. Would highly recommend as a professional speaker for your next event."

Joe Burns
The Ethical Hacker

"The way he combined being animated and humorous with emotion to deliver such a serious message was truly spell binding.
I would highly recommend John and I’m looking forward to hearing him speak again in the future.."

Carly Beale

"Thanks for your support and helping to make the event more meaningful and entertaining!"

Thomas Meyer
General Manager and Group Vice President at IDC EMEA


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